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Saturday, January 31, 2009

He did it!!! He stayed dry all night.

Thats right ladies and gentlemen Trey spent his first night in big boy undies last night and stayed dry all night!! Woot!! For a week he has been dry in the morning when I dress him for school so we told him if he stayed dry all week every night he could wear big boy undies all night on Friday night. Well he did and he wore his bog boy undies last night and he was dry this morning! Yea baby my little man is something else! No more pull ups. *snif*

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Vanna said...

Okay first of all I am glad your child can hold his pee. Very little man of him. =) also it bothers me you are not a follower of my blog and I am one of yours.
Saddness consumes me.
I blame you.
I love you.
I blame you.