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Friday, January 16, 2009

Arachnophobia turns into Dermatologistphobia or anger

So I went to the Dr yesterday and let me tell you a little about my visit. When I walked in I felt like I was going into a puerto rican nightclub. The receptionist had on a low cut sparkly silver sweater with a shiny, silver pleather jacket. (Youve seen the type in rap video's picture it) She was rude when I could understand her. I waited in that lobby for 2 yes ma'am 2 hours. I was seen for about 15 mins. He was more concerned with the mole on my chin than the bright red, swollen, fevered spider bite on my arm. Make sense? I left after 2 1/2 hours with direction to get a blood test, an appt for 1 wk away, 3 Rx's, instructions to find the spider and a $140 bill. Let me address some of this. The blood test and 1 wk appt. I will not get the blood test done and I will not see this Dr again. I am not ignoring the bite I will keep a close eye on it and if it seems to be getting much worse I will go somewhere else, not sure where but I will go. The 3 Rx's were of no help to me last night because I did not get them in time to get them filled. So I waited 2 hours and spent $140 to get no relief. On the instructions to find the spider, are you (*&%^&*( kidding me? I live in a large house in the middle of the woods and you want me to find a spider. OK I can find one I can find plenty how will I know if that is the one that bit me? I did not participate in a tag and release spider program the other night when the little monster bit me at 3am. I can ask him if he bit me but I dont see an interrogation with a spider getting me very far. Then he put the fear of god in me about letting a spider bite my baby because what my body can handle as far as the poison goes the baby cant DUH, DUH, DUH! Let the spider bite my son like I let him bite me? geez. O the $140 bill yea what can I say? I am on the phone now with the pharmacy trying to make sure my Rx is ready so I can get these drugs in me. Dr Morse looked at it and wants me to go now to get it because it ia looking pretty bad and spreading down my arm. Thrills. Or Fury would be a more appropriate word. I dont have time to let my arm rot off and I dont have time to keep it from rotting off! UGH!!!!!!!!! I'll keep you updated.


Mama said...

OK I can find one I can find plenty how will I know if that is the one that bit me?

just look for the one with the smirk on his face.

Kate said...

LOL who is that? Smirk, yea we'll see about that!

Thora said...

Man, I should hex that dumb doctor.

Did it ever enter his over-inflated head that if you could have found and identified the spider he likely wouldn't have been seeing you?!

The man needs hexed, that's all I can say.

Hugs to you.

rubyjade said...

Oh no! I hope you can find some relief soon Kate.