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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Arachnophobia anyone?

Yes I now have spidey sense. I got bit by a spider. Night before last at like 3:30 am the little devil got me in the bed. It woke me up stinging and burning like a mutha. I was setting on the edge of the bed holding my arm wondering what had happened and I felt something crawl on my other arm. Well the room was pitch dark and I autiomatically started just swatting (read:flailing) at it. I jumped up and ran to the front of the house to look at it and it was a little red and you could see a little center part to it but nothing bad. I put some cortozone cream around it to stop the itching and burning (hey thats what mr computer said to do) by the time I got back to the bedroom and woke JD up (yes he was still asleep he could sleep through somebody coming in and taking me out of the bed) I couldnt find the little satan. So I have no idea what kind of spider it was. You know me I tend to underreact so I did nothing but take some benedryl the next morning because I was a little itchy all over. It was getting a little redder and was a little bigger. By after noon yestersay it was itching pretty badly and still burning and hot and very sore like bad bruise. I drew a line around it so I could tell if it was getting bigger. I showed it to Dr Morse yesterday and then today and he said it has more then doubled in size and I had to go have it looked at. So lovely! I have an appt today at 4. Wish me luck they better not take away my spidey sense or I will be upset. Hmm I wonder what redneck spidey sense would be like. *sigh* never a dull moment.


Beth said...

My government teacher in the 10th grade regailed us with stories of how her father got bit by a spider and did nothing. A month later they had to amputate his arm. I'm very glad you are having it looked at. Keep me posted.

~*~toni~*~ said...

Yes! I have it!!! LOL! I hope it all is OK! XOXOX

Vanna said...

In case you didnt know, I am en expert spider capturer. I actually participate in the SCARP (Spider Catch And Release Program) SO I can probably find you mystery biter. =)Haha. I got a spider bite on my foot at an indian resturaunt and it almost made my foot fall off. No joke. It had to be surgically prodded with knifes nad such. It is not fun.

I love you.
Heal fast.