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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Thanksgiving was great accept for everyone getting sick or getting over being sick. I will post pics later. We had Thanksgiving at our house because Momma and Daddy got the wicked stimach virus we all had. So we figures we'd quaranteen their house and do it at ours. Everything was delicious and fun. Everyone pitched inand helped and it was really fun. The day after Thanksgiving we loaded up at 2 am and drove to ala BAMA to see Nana and Pa. The trip was good (hey who else would be on the road at 2am besides crooks and hookers, oh and us?). Trey was marvelous. He slept some but when he was awake he was great. He was actually wonderful and a total joy the entire trip. He is so good anymore. Anyway we saw Renee and Tony and Jon and of course Nana and Pa. We were so sorry we missed Lynn and Mike and Austin. Trey has changed so much and we would have loved them seeing him now. Trey and Jon had fun playing their guitars together and "Hiya-ing" together (translation: karate kicks and chops) We watched the FL vs. FL State game there (YAY GATORS) and had fun with that. JD got a little stomach bug right before that but the Gators healed him. The girls went shopping and the boys stayed home. The drive home was just as good. It rained a lot but nothing that made driving bad. We hope to see everyone real soon. We had so much fun. Love you guys!

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~*~toni~*~ said...

I sure do miss dinner with all of you!!! Hey! What would I have to pay you to get the "GOLDEN BARS" recipe? My fave too!!! Love them things! Either my mom lost the recipe or, she just doesn't want to give it to me (that's a distinct possibility)!!!!