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Friday, October 10, 2008

Yard sale umm blog sale er well I'm selling stuff on my blog.

Hey as many of you know I have numerous pieces of furniture that I do not need. I would however desire the money so I am having the modern day equivenalt of a yard sale but tecky style. So pass the word. Send my blog to anyone you may know who's living room may need someplace to sit or lie or throw something on. We can deal. Oh and my camera's flash has gone kaput so the pics wont be the best but if you are interested let me know and I can get you some better pics.

and for our first piece... This is a beautiful couch that is cream colored with blue and mauve flowers and green accents (the leaves and vines) it goes with a lot of things (or it has in my house). It measures 7 ft long about 34 inches deep and is about 3 ft high. It has dark wood and has some pretty detail. This is the top piece on the back.
This is the foot. And this is a close up of the pattern detail. See pretty.
Next... is a lovely rocking chair. It goes well with the couch but is not a matching piece. It too has the dark (cherry)wood and has mauve colors with a cream colored background.

This is one of my favs in the collection.

And for our last piece for today, and before we are done can I just thank all of the models and have everyone give them a round of applause. Yes, yes thank you ladies. Ok on to the last piece.

Now this little beauty is the only piece that I can say is not exactly matching but it has sat right next to the others in my house for years and it is not a stand out that is doesn't match that perfectly. The background is cream as well but the colors are peach and green. The background is a little shinier. The wood is again the dark cherry. Now since I let the couch I will let her show off her sexy legs. Go girl.

And her detail, work it sister! So there we have em. Thank you girls. These pieces are old and you all know as well as I do they dont make furniture like this anymore. It is sturdy and well made. IT has been taken decent care of but enjoyed for what it is furniture (ie there have been butts on it) but basically taken care of and in good condition. Never pets for a steady amount of time (hey you know us we have had our share of pets so I wont say a paw has never touched it, if nothing else I am honest, but pretty well no pets and certainly no pet damage or stains. Now like I said share the blog with Whomever you wish. Even if it is to poke fun at me being so goofy and make fun of me. Pass the word. Like a friend of mine used to say when she and I would wear skimpy clothes "It pays to advertise". Leave me a comment if you would like more info or to let the dealing begin.


~ Jen said...

I`ll buy your washer & dryer.
~ Jen

Kate said...

Was that on the list? Hmmm I'm gonna have to check that darn list. Well we might just have to see about the offer because ya know everyone can be bought!

~ Jen said...

Indecent Proposal(Robert Redford & Demi Moore) 1 of my fav. movies proves everyone can be bought
~ Jen