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Friday, October 10, 2008

In memorial.

This is a little late but I wanted to be sure and get it up here. JD is really into geneology and has been working getting some stuff done for his great great grandfather and some others. He accomplished his goal and I am very proud of him and all the work he has done. He orchistrated a memorial with some of his family members on September 20, 2008. After JD had done so much work to get all the names and dates and facts straight he got a monument with the dates and names on it and they gathered at the Dees Cemetery in Jasper FL to set the monument. JD has discovered that Trey has a great great great great grandfather and grandmother, a great great great grandmother and a great great great great great grandfather all buried in this cemetery. JD also wrote a brief history of some of the Tyre family. We got some pictures at the setting of the memorial. I will post the pics and the history he wrote. Hope you enjoy!
Lewis Anderson Tyre, Sr.

Lewis Tyre was born in 1833 in Appling County, Georgia to William and Bethany Frances Tyre. Lewis was the fourth son to William and Bethany Frances. At a young age William moved the family to Lowndes County, Georgia and appears on the 1840 census with five males and five females in the home. Sometime in 1848 the family moved to Hamilton County, Florida and added another child to the family on December 29, 1848, Acksa “Axie” Caroline Tyre. The family showed on the 1850 Hamilton County Census as well as William and Bethany’s oldest son Jessie and his wife Cassa Lavina Tyre.

By 1860 Lewis as well as his other siblings had moved away from Hamilton County due to marriage or other ambitions. This may also be due to the fact that William and Bethany may have died or moved elsewhere sometime between 1850 and 1860 because they do not appear on any census records after 1850. Lewis’ older brother Nathaniel Tyre shows on the 1860 Census of Hamilton County as the head of household with his wife Cynthia and his younger sister Martha Tyre and younger brother, Solomon Tyre.

Lewis does however appear again in 1862 when he enlisted in the Confederate Army in Lake City Florida on March 8, 1862. He joined the 5th Florida Infantry Company B. According to his enlistment papers he shows that he was a resident of Hamilton County, Florida. Lewis was not the only son to William and Bethany Tyre to join the Confederate Army, all six sons joined the Confederate Army for the State of Florida.

The oldest son, Jessie Tyre enlisted on February 21, 1863 into Company E 9th Florida Infantry in Lake City, Florida. His first cousin, William Tyre, Cannon Tyre’s son, elisted into this same company on February 11, 1863 in Lake City, Florida as well. Jessie served until the close of the war and his unit was present with his unit at Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia when General Lee surrendered to General Grant.

Benjamin Tyre enlisted on August 29, 1862 into Company H 2nd Florida Cavalry near Flotars Pond (Marion County), Florida. This unit was known as the Cow Cavalry in Florida helping to supply the Confederate Army with beef. Benjamin was captured at Tampa and was sent to Key West for a while and then to Ship Wreck Island, Mississippi where he spent the remainder of the war. Benjamin settled in Polk County, Florida where he died in 1882 and is buried at Greenpond Cemetery in Polk City, Florida.

Nathaniel C. Tyre enlisted on March 14, 1862 into Company F 5th Florida Infantry in Jasper, Florida. Nathaniel stayed and farmed in Hamilton County and left his wife Cynthia in Jasper to go and fight in the war. Nathaniel became sick and died from Variola on January 6, 1863 at Howard’s Grove Hospital in Richmond, Virginia and he is supposedly buried in Richmond. One interesting note for Nathaniel is that he enlisted on the same day and served in the same unit as James A. Shiver, Lewis Anderson Tyre, Jr father in law.

Solomon Tyre enlisted on December 3, 1861 at the age of 16 into Company B 10th Florida Infantry in Fernandina, Nassau County, Florida. Why Solomon was in Fernandina, Nassau County, Florida I do not know. However there is an interesting fact, John Tyre, age 21 enlisted into company D 10th Florida Infantry on the same day Solomon and his brother Issac B. Tyre, enlisted on September 2, 1861 at Fort Clinch, also in Nassau County, Florida. John and Issac were sons to John Tyre. They were Solomon’s first cousins. Solomon received a disability discharge on October 13, 1862 due to a chronic leg problem. He then later joined the Company B 1st Florida Infantry Reserves on May 9, 1864 in White Springs, Florida. Solomon is buried in Curlew Pioneer Cemetery in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Hillary Tyre enlisted on January 1, 1862 into Company K 1st Florida Infantry at the age of 14 as a Corporal in Ichepuckasassa (Plant City), Florida. Hillary was later demoted from Corporal to private it is not known where he settled. Hillary was in Jasper in 1864 and appears as a witness for his brother Nathaniel’s widow, Cynthia Tyre when she filed for Widow’s benefits.

Lewis Tyre enlisted on March 8, 1862 into Company B 5th Florida Infantry in Lake City, Florida. Lewis was present with his unit at the following battles before being captured at Sharpsburg, Maryland on or about September 17, 1862. The 5th Florida fought on June 7, 1862 at Fair Oaks, Virginia, August 30, 1862 at 2nd Manassas, Virginia also known as Bull Run, September 10, 11 and 12th at Frederick, Maryland, September 14, 1862 at South Mountain, Maryland and on September 17, 1862 at Sharpsburg, Maryland where he was captured.

Lewis was exchanged on November 10, 1862 at Aikens Landing, Virginia and was present with his unit at the following battles before being captured at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on July 3, 1863. December 2, 1862 at Winchester, Virginia, December 13, 1862 at Fredricksburg, Virginia, January 13, 1863 at Mrfressboro, Tennessee, May 2, 3 and 4th at Chancellorsville, Virginia and July 1, 2 and 3rd at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He then spent the remainder of the war at Point Lookout, Maryland in a Union prison camp. Lewis was furloughed on February 18, 1865 and was hospitalized at Howard’s Grove Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. This is the same hospital that his brother Nathaniel died at in 1862.

Lewis returned to Hamilton County, Florida and was listed on the census record of 1870 along with his brother Solomon and his sister Martha. One could speculate that Lewis returned to Nathaniel’s farm to live with Solomon and Martha as they did on the 1860 census. Sometime in 1870 or 1871 he married Frances E. “Fannie” Dees, a daughter to Aaron M. and Louisa Dees. Together they had four sons, William A. Tyre, Matthew Alvin Tyre, Marcus Allen Tyre and Lewis Anderson Tyre, Jr.

The best that I can figure is that Lewis died sometime in 1878. The 1880 Census of Hamilton County, Florida shows his fours sons as a step-son to William Howard and Fannie Howard as well as a one year old son named Simuel Howard who was born in 1879. We will never know why Lewis died at a relatively young age. I tend to believe that he probably contracted many illnesses while imprisoned. It is stated on his brother Benjamin’s Confederate Pension application that he suffered from black scurvy and chronic dysentery which led to his death also a young age in 1882. The remains of Lewis Anderson Tyre are supposed to be buried at Rawhide Cemetery in Jennings, Florida. The cemetery has long been abandoned southeast of Jennings on the banks of the Alapaha River.

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