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Saturday, October 4, 2008

ribbons, football and the library (yes I will tie it all together no pun intended)

Last weekend, other then the gators loosing, it was a good weekend. My friend Beth is a librarian and she asked me to do a program on how to do the adorable flip flops with the ribbon. So I went to do that last weekend. I had so much fun. I had the greatest group of girls there. They rocked. We made the cutest shoes and Beth and I taught them the squirrell song (sigh, girls camp comes in handy often, who knew?) and we talked football. One girl told us her Dad wants her to go to Ole Miss and since he is Shane Mathews that is almost unforgivable (*wink*) but he is from Mississippi so we can forgive. But I will post pics of the girls and the shoes. We had so much fun. I gave the girls my blog addy so I hope they are still checking to find the pics. If you girls come on here leave me a comment and let us know how you guys found out about the program. We want to do another one hopefully not to far away but we need to know how to get the word to you. So how did you hear about the program? Hope you guys are loving your shoes and singing the squirrell song.

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