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Sunday, October 5, 2008

how to mix football and halloween.

Yesterday was really fun. Selena and Jenifer came down and Selena and Trey made a haunted gingerbread candy castle. Ohhhh scary! I think me and Jen had more fun then they did. IT turned out cute.
After we got done with that our friends Megan, Jimmy and Mia came over to watch the game. Trey and Mia had fun together. Mia threw dirt in the yard, They played peek a boo up and down the hall and had "gapes" translation:grapes by Mia. It was a good day we missed JD though he worked really late and really hard. Love ya babe! Go Gators!


Kare-Kare said...

How cute is that, Trey has on Chicks dig me (which is very true) and Mia has on Gator stuff!!! A glimpse into his future:) Sorry we missed you guys Saturday. I had day 1 of surgery rotation today, very cool, though I'm not cut out to stand for long periods of times in one spot, I'll stick to pediatrics. Miss you guys!!!!

Anonymous said...

We had so much fun!!!!!!!! I love the Boo Castle
Jen & Selena

Jen said...


Beth R said...

Hey, looks like u all had so much fun!!! Trey is so handsome and Selena is a pretty young lady. You and Jen look pretty also!
Love yall!