More Spice than Sugar.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Trey the Nurturer of grapes.

Trey has started pretending he has a baby. He takes whatever he has handy and says it is a baby . A grape, a pretzel, the cordles phone. The phone was the cutest. He held it in his arms like you would a baby and started rocking the baby and loking at it. Then he told me to "Shhhh" the baby was asleep. He was talking about his baby to me. Then he started singing to his baby. He was singing "Rock-a-bye baby". He wasn't getting all the words but he had the tune perfect and was hitting enough of the words to let me know what he was singing. He started coming to me wanting to set on my lap and I would pick him up then he would lay back and tuck his arms down between his knees and say "I'm a baby" to whichI would say "yes you are my baby" and start swinging him back and forth singing "Rock-a-bye Baby" usually in a silly way. He laughs greatly at this. When he does this with JD, JD usually starts saying something in a silly way about him having the most teeth he's ever seen for a baby. He is so cute whenhe takes a little grape in his hand and cupsit sweetlyand says " awww mommya baby grape" and he will kiss it then put it over for me to kiss then pop it back into his mouth, to which I act completely shocked which he loves. We are headlong into the terrible two's. Prey we all survive!

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Ka-Ka said...

How adorable! I saw him do the pretzel one, too cute. When he comes over he always wants to pet the baby horses we have (ceramic collectable statues) and is always so gently in petting them, talking quietly to them and of course kissing them goodnight. I just want to eat him alive he is soooo cute (sometimes I take a nibble or two)!