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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Storm Clouds.

Trey is watching Dora right now and there is a big bad storm cloud on there chasing them. I am watching the grown up version. The weather channel. We have a hurricane a commin! I like extreme weather it brings excitement and makes me be sure all my things are in order, food storage, gas, emergency preparedness ya know all the things we should all have all the time to prepare ourselves for events. So it brings a little excitement and purpose. Everybody has something to talk about and watch for. I dont like major property damage or people getting hurt but we could use the rain and storm are natures way of getting rid of old dead things and making room for new growth. Ahhh mother nature! Gotta love her. So Fay is on the way fight now. One track says she will be knocking on the front door about Wednesday.

Dora and Boots are blowing a horn to try to prepare everyone for the rain cloud I am heading to the store to pick up a few things like batteries, a few extra snacks, fruit, candles, and water (if we dont have enough after I check the food shed.) Gotta keep everyone safe, healthy & comfortable.

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Ka-Ka said...

Hope it doesn't hit while I'm in St. Pete cause there is no food here to survive off of. Just one week left!! I agree though I like storms for the rain and excitement they bring.