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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kare-Kare is home Ya'll!

Yea we got her all moved back and could not be more thrilled. It was so good to be with Kare-Kare and Beth even if we were working. I talked so much at lunch I hadn;t eaten anything by time to leave. It was so nice to set with my girls. I had lots to say (shocker). I got to see some pictures from Kare-Kare's white coat ceremony and see the video and she actually made me tear up. She thanked me in her bio that they did as she walked accross the stage. Me? Are you kidding? I was the only who was literally having a panic attack as we dropped her off a year ago. (She doesn't know it I was about to hyperventilate really. I have never had a panic attack before.) Hey Kare -Kare I couldn't be more proud of you or happy for you. One step closer to achieving your dream. You amaze me. She is doing her 1st rotation at Trey's pediatrician's office. Odds are good we'll see her there ;} I gotta throw out a huge thank you again to Daddy and Jenifer for keeping Trey while we went to St Pete to hog tie our girl and drag her kicking and screaming (yea right) home. Daddy came down early so we wouldn't have to wake up Trey or Jenifer sooo early and well Daddy is the only person I know who wouldn't be asleep (on purpose) at 5 am so he was the obvious 1st option for the AM shift. Then Daddy passed the baton named Trey to Jenifer and Selena. He of course had a blast and was way better for her than he ever is for me apparantly. Ha she asked me if I had ever been able to go to McDonalds with him and eat outside of the playplace in the regular restaurant part then after he had eaten his food, like a good little boy should, go to to playground. She said she could tell by the immediate look on my face that I was shocked at just the insinuation. Yea he will barely let me stand in line long enough to order before he goes to the playground much less expect him to eat somewhere else. Jenifer took Selena and Trey to karate class ("HI-YA!") Selena can probably kick my butt now (like she couldn't before) and if you have never heard Trey say Chewbacca you have not lived!!! Thank you Jenifer and Daddy (once again) and Welcome home Kare-Kare!

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