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Friday, August 22, 2008

Dont go away mad, just go away Faye

Yesterday the schools got out early and daycare shut down early. Jenifer went and picked up Trey for me from daycare when she got Selena and she kept him the rest of the day. I am so blessed to have her love Trey so much because Trey loves them and it is nice to have another back up when we need one and we seem to need one often *sigh*. Last night we lost power at about midnight and the wind was really whipping and the trees were creaking. Trey woke up crying about the time the power went off. He came in bed with us for the rest of the night. JD got the generator running so I could get ready for work (Somebody had to earn some money LOL) We didn't have the generator running for more than 15 mins when we actually got power running again. Can you believe we got power so fast? Record time!! This morning I went to work. JD was off so he stayed home with Trey today (daycare and school was out today too) JD and Trey had fun and apparantely Trey was really good. He helped Daddy and they had a good day. *whew* When I got home Momma, Daddy, Paul, Jenifer, Scott, Selena, Daddy, JD and Trey were all here and Momma had bought a boston Butt and JD had cooked it low and slow all day. So super was ready and we had pulled pork sandwiches and chips and pickles and Jen made some yummy brownies. It was so nice to come home to that after such a sucky day. The schedule program was all kinds of messed up (everyones schedule time was all crazy) I got stuck outside after lunch (the doors and door jams swell up really bad with all the dampness) I was standing in the rain for about 10 mins until Jodi's husband came and slammed into the door enough that it came loose. It rained al the wind blew all day long. It was just a yuck day. It was so nice to come home to such a warm welcome!! Trey ran to me and said "My Mommy" and grabbed my legs and hugged me. Yes I am aware it was probably because I had 2 bags of chips because he never does that but hey I'll take it for whatever reason! Tomorrow we are going to St. Pete to bring our girl home. Kare kare (translation: Karen) is finished with her 1st year of PA school and we are going to help her get moved back here where she belongs with all of us. YAY! JD and I are leaving at 5 am. Woo Hoo - 5 am? Only for you kare kare or fishing or a lobster breakfast or Trey or well 5 am actually aint so bad. But I'd get up anytime fo ryou girl. Love ya cant wait to see you and get you home. Hey Faye - This town is big enough for only one of us and it is time for you to get the smack out of my town!!!


~Jen said...

Bye bye Fay!!
After 7 1/2 in. of rain
Please Mr. road grader come do our road!!

~*~toni~*~ said...

All that rain.....yuck! (But it's still better than SNOW)!!!