More Spice than Sugar.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trey is taking on the manly responsibilities in the house.

Yes my little boy is becoming a man. If he ever see's a bug (or what he thinks is a bug) he demands that I get a "pa-tow" (translation: paper towel) and get the bug and put it in the "garge" (thanslation: garbage) Well yesterday for the first time I got the "pa-tow" and HE HAD to pick up the bug with the "pa-tow" and dispose of said bug in "garge". He REFUSED to allow me to do it for him. He had a hard time doing it because he thought all you had to do was ball up the pa-tow in you hand and touch the bug with it. He didn't realize the pinching action that happened with the pa-two in your hand. So after a few times of just smashing the pa-tow (I hope we all remember by now this is papertowel) on top of the bug I guess anough guts came out and it just sort of stuck to the pa-tow. He went and threw it away in the garge. Ahhh my little man.

I guess I can throw this one in there too as I suppose it is a manly responsibility. He poo pooed in the potty 2 times yesterday. He would have made it all 3 times I think but the last time as he was trying to get to the potty he fell out of the chair and hit his head which hurt him and apparantly scared the crap out of him, literally. We almost had a perfect poo poo day though. One step closer!


Mrs. Burns said...

That is awsome. Does he want to come to my house the day after we irrigate? Maybe I wouldn't have to pay the Orkin man to come kill my cockroaches. :)

Kate said...

Yea I should rent him out! Good to see you.

Ka-Ka said...

I wonder if he will do mice too? Send him our way we have tons of bugs, lizard, mice, roaches and all kinds of creepy crawlies!! Tell trey I'm cheering for the pooh! Love you guys!!

Kate said...

Ka-Ka I cant wait to see you!!!