More Spice than Sugar.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Trey of the Day (a two-fer)

Trey and JD are watching monster trucks (yes really) on TV. I heard this conversation:
JD: Trey wanna watch this?
Trey: Oh yea baby!
JD:What is that truck?
Trey: That's superman. Daddy when I grow up I want a monster truck one day.
JD: (Dramatic pause) Son that's better than you telling me you love me.


Anytime Trey scares you ( he loves to hide and jump out at you all the time now) or he thinks he pulls something over on you he will say, "Oooohhh you just got Treybo-ized!"

Trey had a birth mark on his leg that had gotten a red halo around it recently. I was a little concerned so we went to the Dr today. Turns out it is fine and she thinks it is just an area of dry skin around the mark. She gave us a RX for a cream to put on it 2x a day and he should be just fine.

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