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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lightning in the Christmas Tree.

Trey found that silly little elf first thing this morning in our Christmas tree. We discussed where we thought Lightning might be. We came to the conclusion that since he is an elf he would probably want to be near Christmas Decorations to help him feel more at home and if he was hiding he may be in something that had lots of red decorations in it. Trey thought the Christmas tree was a good place to start. First he thought that he would probably be down low to the ground so that if he fell it wouldn't hurt. He got on the ground and was trying to snif him out. Then I reminded him he has to fly to the North Pole every night so falling probably wasn't a big concern for him. He was very careful not to touch him.

He was very proud and thrilled that he found him.
Tonight when we got home he went to check on him in the tree and asked if he needed dinner. I told him that the elves ate all they needed when they went to the North Pole at night. I wonder where Lightning will hide tonight.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about Elf on the Shelf. I must say I am sad that I did not know about this awesome family tradition for my children!! It must be an amazing feeling each morning to see your children's faces as they look for "Lightning". What a great experience for the family to share during this holiday season! Trey and Sophia are two very lucky children!! Keep up the terrific job Mom!!!