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Sunday, December 11, 2011

I love a parade.

Saturday was a good day. I was Queen for the day. I was allowed, by Sophie, Trey and JD, to sleep-in. Sophie slept a little longer than usual and JD took Trey to the living room to watch TV when they both woke up and let me sleep in a little. Niiiiice. Then JD watched both of them in the house
Soph eating a chocolate reindeer cake pop for breakfast. Hey there's egg in it right? Good job Dad! lol

so I could clean out my hot mess of a car. It was a very bad mess. Weeks of preholiday driving adds up. I am always going and always busy and I always have at least Sophie with me so I never get to unload everything out of the car when I get home and it all just adds up. I didnt want JD to be in a bad mood (which he always is after he cleans my car so I insisted I would do it) He watched both kids all morning so I could clean my car out really good. It was actually very fun and I actually got to feel like I accomplished something. I even wiped it down and vacuumed the trunk. Even when I clean in the house the kids are there and if I get one room cleaned by the time I get to the next room the previous room is messed up so I never feel like I accomplished anything. I really do like feeling like I did something that day. I got that Saturday. Now I still have a clean car and we all even went to church in it and it is STILL clean. lol. After I got my car all cleaned JD grilled hamburgers and me ans Soph ran tot he dollar store to get some green chilli's and chips ( we love green chilli's on our burgers Mmmmmm) then Soph took a nap and Me and Trey and Meme did Trey's Spongebob Squarepants gingerbread house(pineapple). Remind me to NOT buy that again. What a pain and it is a mess (but Trey loves it soooo? worth it.) Soph woke up and we all got ready and went to Lake City and ate Supper Burger King

and then went to the Christmas parade. The kids loved it. Sophie really did. Lots of music and lights. She was really good and danced the whole time. Jenifer, Dewayne and Lena came and Sat with is to watch the parade. It was a good day. Kids can make everyday a good day when they are happy and in a good mood.

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Anonymous said...

I know the feeling you talked about when you accomplish something!!! Unfortunately, I find myself trying to hard to get to that point by filling every second with something to do! Much like you I am busy coming and going on a regular basis! Lucky for me I have a best friend at work that has been able to show me how to prioritize life. I am forever grateful for her! I notice by your blog it is evident that you already know this important lesson! Keep doing what you looks like it is working!!