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Monday, December 5, 2011

All is Merry and bright.....

The decorations are up in the Tyre house. The kids are great with them. They do not try to mess with them at all except for the Nativity set and they are still not bad with that. I am going to buy a play nativity set they can pick up and move around because I want them to feel involved and have a personal feeling for the birth of the savior. I want them to be able to move the pieces to look how they want it to. When Trey was Sophie's age he used to love to hold the baby Jesus and kiss him. I want them to be able to do that without hearing "no!" or "be careful". The tree is decorated with all red and gold ornaments, red berries and gold glitter sticks. My topper died this year and I put the angel on top but I'm not thrilled with her. SHe is not really a true topper and she doesn't have lights so it's kind of a dark spot in the tree.

I made the first batch of homemade caramel. It has been a huge hit!

This is the nativity set that Sophie and Trey love.

We made these blocks a few years ago. They are beautiful and some of my fav decorations. They just glow and are so soft and pretty.

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