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Thursday, October 6, 2011

I am so proud!

I am so proud of my Treybo! I never imagined his reading would progress so quickly. He has just taken off with reading. He is now on the "I Can Read Book 4!" He's on number 4! I am so proud. He is so smart and such a great kid. I couldnt be more in love! He told me today "mommy there was a girl that asked me today if I would be her boyfriend" To this my heart stopped. I asked him what he said. "Well I told her no cause remember only you get my kisses. But I will tell her I'll change my mind if you wont be mad." I asked him if he liked her. He said yes with a little excitement in his eyes. He told me she had blonde hair and freckles just like him he said. He said he thinks she's pretty. I told him if he was going to be her boyfriend he needed to know how to treat a girl. I asked him if he knew how to treat a girl. He said he sure did! "You are nice to her and you treat her with respect and if she is bossy you dont tell on her you just say thats ok when she apologizes." My hearts is a little sad and a little happy. I am glad for him a pretty little girl thinks he is nice but this is just the beginning of the pretty little girls I am afraid. He is so handsome and so nice and funny and smart what pretty little girl wont fall head over heels for him? I wish her luck cause my eyes are on her.

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