More Spice than Sugar.

Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallows Eve.

The goblins were out tonight or at least the princes and queen bee's and the gymnasts (selena went with us). We went to Nana and Pa's to do the first trick or treat and sophie got a cute little toy that she loves and a halloween cup with some candy in it and Trey got some beef jerky and a cup with candy too. Then we hit McDonalds for a quick supper to fuel up for a night of walking. We went to JD's friends house and parked at their house then started on their neighborhood. We had a blast. Trey was perfect and had lots of fun! Everyone was tuckered out on the way home. Trey was still hanging with it though. Success!

Sophie had lost the bee costume and was wearing daddy's light hat.

Sophie lovin that blow pop.

"What? you mean all I have to do is walk around and look cute and people throw candy in this little bucket? Sweet!!"

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