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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to the grind.

If working full-time is the grind and I have been working part-time is that a nibble? It's back to work for me. That feels weird to say since I have been working. I was able to work part-time at Happy House for the summer for just enough to not go in the hole keeping Sophie there. I really enjoyed it. I liked being able to see the inside workings of where my child is. I love Happy House even more now. They are meticulous about cleanliness and rules. I enjoy that. I was happy to be able to do what I could there because someone has done everything I did for my child or will do it. I hope they did it to the best of their ability so I did it to mine. They offered me a job as a teacher probably in the 3 yr old room. I was tempted for a moment because I did enjoy myself and the idea of being a teacher which is what I have always wanted to be was intriging and tempting but I love my job at the middle school. I love the people and I love what I do. I had to stay. I enjoy it. The kids dont start back until the 22nd but we are here getting things ready to start the year again.

I was informed yesterday that Sophie will be transitioning to the 1 yr old rooms on the 15th. She will go each day for a few hours and slowly build up until Friday the 19th when she wil be in there all day. How bittersweet! I love the room she has been in. The teachers love her and she loves the teachers. They are so sweet and caring and kind without spoiling, perfect combo. She has been in there since she started so that is all she or I have known for her. I know she will do great in the next rooms too but still with Trey starting Kindy the next week and her transitioning I will be an emotional wreck! World get ready.

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