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Friday, June 17, 2011

Mommy Trey Day

Today was a good day. Hey, any day that is called a Mommy Trey Day has to be good right? I took Sophie to Daycare and we had a Mommy Trey day. We shopped for Fathers Day gifts then we went to McDonald's for lunch. Who could resist when they are "giving away" pokemon toys right? Then we went to the Library and got Trey's first library card. He even signed for it and signed the back of the card. The librarian that helped us was so nice to him (and me have I mentioned I am terrified of libraries, sorry Beth but its true. Had a horrible, mean librarian at school when I was in elementary school. Dewey Decimal Nazi! *Shiver*) So he signed up for the card. She gave him a little thing to hang around his neck to keep it in and a bag with a reading calendar and off he went into the wild blue yonder. He was on a search for pirate books. Well since I an terrified of libraries and never learned my Dewey Decimal System properly out of fear he had to ask the really nice librarian for help. Yes I make him do all these things by himself so he will know how to communicate with adults. I find it astonishing how many teenagers cant communicate and dont want my children to be like that. He asked her where the pirate books are and she took him to show him and when he passed me he says "Mommy looks like my cuteness worked" Guess he thought she would refuse to help him if he hadn't used his cuteness. So she got him 3 pirate books and we sat and read them. Then he picked 2 of his favs to check out. He picked them and took them to the counter and handed his card. He was very proud and loves the library and books and reading. I love that he does. My only thought is- why is reading pushed so much more than math? Can you tell that I dont want my children to have my fears and failures so I try to concentrate extra hard on the things that hold me back on them so they wont have those to hold them back. I know they will have there own fears and failures but at least I can make sure history doesn't repeat itself but they create their own history. Anyway, right now Trey is having a sleep over at Nana and Pa's. He declared this day "Awesome" when I dropped him off for his sleepover and what he knows will be a day of "picking" at the flea market tomorrow. So tonight will be very boring. Weird hu? We always find it a little boring when Trey is away. Cant help but miss the life of the party when he is gone.

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