More Spice than Sugar.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trey's sleep study

Trey needs to have his tonsils out but since he has never had tonsilitis and is under 4 he needs a medical reason to have the surgery. Well we have one. He cant breathe. lol. Honestly though. When he sleeps they are so huge he stops breathing and snores like freight train. So we had to have a sleep study done. It was awful. He was great while getting all that stuff put on him but once he realized it wasnt coming off while he slept he was not happy. He was covered with wires from head to toe literally. He even had a microphone taped to his throat, a belt around his chest and his stomach. He had 3 stuck to each leg, 3 on his chin, one on each side of his eye, some on his chest something on his toe, an oxygen tube in his nose and NUMEROUS attached to his head by some waxy glue invented by Satan. Then his whole head was wrapped in gause like he was a head wound patient. Then he was told to sleep normal. LOL!!!! He flipped out when they wouldnt take them off. We finally calmed him down and he kinda just drifted to sleep from exhaustion. Then JDhad to work so he left us to sleep. After a bit they came in and put the thing on his toe and thought they could put the oxygen tube on him while he was asleep (he had flat refused that previously like only Trey can!) He woke up when they tried to get the oxygen tube in and was scared to death and furious and through dealin. He kicked and screamed and fought and bowed that back and lurched and screamed "Mommy please why are you letting them hurt me?" All the while I had to hold his arms down to keep him from pulling the tube off. Finally I made him realize I could help him more if he would talk to me and tel me what was hurting or scaring him. So he did. About every 15-20 mins almost all night he would wake up and almost in a little panick tell me what was wrong. "Mommy scratch my nose" (the tube was bothering him so I would rub the top of his nose) then he'd go to sleep then "Mommy it hurts my leg" so I would rub the thing on his leg... you get the idea. The next morning I then had to take all the stickers off of him once they unhooked everything. That was Niiiice. Rip off 20 stickers on crack and scrub the previously mentioned satanic goo out of his hair. He was a good boy though. Cant say I wouldnt have screamed like him. He is such a good boy. I was happy and suprised he could comprehend that if he could communicate to me what hurt or itched or bothered him I could help instead of just grabbing it himself or crying ... The whole process makes me not look forward to the actual surgery though. It is emotionally draining for me to watch him go through that and have him ask me not to let them hurt him. frownsmile.