More Spice than Sugar.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Moving on.

I have loved working at Morse Chiropractic but to every thing there is a season (dont I sound profound? ). I have a new job. I will be the receptionist at Lake City Middle School. So I am the chich you see at the front desk when you walk in. I am so excited. I did it for Trey. He will be starting school soon *snif* and I need a schedule that I can be home when he is. He needs that. So now I will be home during the summers, all vacations, when school is out in the afternoons... When he's out of school I'll be off work (basically). So I am doing it for the schedule. There are other perks like retirement, sick leave... but basically the main reason is the schedule. I have been at LCMS before and loved it. Loved. It. So I cant wait to go home. I just belong on the school system. That is where I feel at home and comfortable. I start August 17. I am so excited.

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