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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mr. Sandman

Daycare called today and the women quickly told me it was not a call to alarm, which of course quickly alarmed me. She said Trey had been on the playground and was playing with a ball and went to pick the ball up and scooped up a handful of sand with it. Of course all of the sand went directly into his eyes. He started screaming. They scooped him up and splashed water in his eyes (which of course freaked him out even more to have people throwing water in his face lol). He told them he wanted his mommy because "Mommy could make it feel better". That is why they were calling me and she knew I was at work but could I talk to him? Umm YEA! So they put Trey on the phone. He told me what happened and sounded ok and very calmly explained everything to me. He told me it hurt. I told him I wanted him to put his hand on the phone and I was going to kiss the phone and then he could put his hand on his eyes and it would be like me kissing his eyes to make it feel better. He said ok but before we could do the kissing the teacher took the phone (of course not listening to my end of the conversation just his I guess thinking the "OK" was the end) I thought well he must've handed her the phone. Well later I found out he was ok until that happened and when she took the phone without me being able to kiss the phone he got really upset. It didnt last long because the teacher distracted him quickly with helping her. But is that not the sweetest thing you have ever heard? He just needed to hear my voice. He just needed me. Isnt it wonderful to be needed? Later one of the women that work in his classroom sometimes (she is not a regular in there just for special things or for a substitute) came in the office and she told me she was there when it happened and told me all about it and then started telling me how smart he was. Which I am now used to hearing (dont get me wrong I dont take it for granted but I know its coming Know what I mean?) but then she tells me she was helping do some evaluations and he knows all of his shapes and all of his colors and to my surprise almost all of his letters on sight. She also said he kicks butt on the playground. She was doing physical evals and he can hop on one fot, both feet, he can kick a ball standing he can kick a ball with surprising acuracy and precision, he can kick a ball on the run without stopping the ball first and he can punt the ball (drop kick). These things sound like duh to to us but I remember when I was working in Kindergarten with children who are 5 years old we did these evals and some if not I'll go with almost half could not do these things. Even the hopping thing. He seriously surprises me daily. He amazes me. What amazes me the most is how much I love him. Sorry for gushing so much but he truly does just blow my mind I cant get used to it. The Trey gush of the day is over.

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Beth said...

Thanks for the many posts. I was about to write you and tell you to get to bloggin cause I need my news from you. I've been meaning to call about getting together and to find out when the bday party is. I am so excited that I have the day off, so I'll be there! I need to come over before that though. I haven't seen you since Valentine's day. Love you and your awesome kid (oh and JD too :)