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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pee pee update and an apology.

Last night we had another dry night. YAY!!!

Last night I did a bad bad thing. I am a bad Aunt. I left my darlingest niece and Trey's BFF at gymnastics. I forgot her. I had talked to Jenifer about picking her up because Jen had to work and it was no problem. Right after we got off the phone everything blew up. We have been thinking about switching Trey's Daycare and had him on 2 waiting lists of our top 2 choices. Both of which have a waiting list about a year long. So yesterday after I got off the phone with Jenifer one left me a message that they had a spot available for Trey if we were still interested. So I called JD and we made plans to go to the daycare so JD could look around and we could talk to them. Then we decided to take the spot and so I needed to get to Trey's daycare and pick him up and talk to the director there and explain we would be switching daycares. So I was thinking about that. I did hate to do it in a way, she is very nice and they love Trey. (more on the daycare switch in a later post.) Then I was concentrating on getting home and cooking dinner and getting to momma and daddy's to do momma's pills plu on top of it all I feel craptastic. I am sick with a sinus infection (or something similar). So I was home right after supper and the phone rings and JD says "hmmm it's Jenifer" immediatly I screamed and said "oh no" JD had no clue what the problem was I had even forgot to tell him in all the hubub. So Jenifer left work and went and got her and took her to Sonny's (where Jen works) and me, JD and Trey went and picked her up there and took her to our house and she spent the night. So let me publicly (well sort of oublicly I guess) say how sorry I am and for al those excuses I just listed there is no excuse for that. Jen - JD said this morning to tell you that Selena can some to our house and spend the night anytime. She can come 5 nights a week if she wants to or needs to. She is no trouble at all, she is a total joy and I love seeing her and Trey together. Last night after she had her bath and Trey had gotten his PJers on they both were on the couch and Trey had his head on her lap and she was just rubbing his back. It was precious. He loves her and I am glad because she is such a good example. Lena - I am so sorry. You know how much I love you. When I hung up with your mom last night I cried at the thought of you out on a cold night wondering where someone was to get you. When I sat down next to you at Sonny's and asked you "do you still love me?" I was partly kidding but when you looked so suprised and popped your head around and said "of course" it melted my heart like oyu were thinking that I could never do anything to keep you from loving me. You are one in a trillion. I love you.

So there's my lovely night. *sigh* My voice is gone today. You try being a receptionist with laryngitis. Not easy. I have to strain so much to talk it kills my head with all the sinus pressure. Oh the joys. But hey at least I didnt have to do laundry at 4 am this morning. Yay for dry beds.


~*~toni~*~ said...

Oh My Gosh!!! You are just (plain out) too busy!! I left my son on counter at JC penney once. I didn't get very far from the counter before I realized it but, I was shocked and scared that I almost walked off without him! He was a baby!! We all do things....that was my point! It's OK! Selena's just a sweet girl...that won't change!!!

~ Jen said...

Remember how Daddy use to forget us at ballet all the time & get home & mama would send him back.
We survived. I felt bad for you all coming back to L.C. but Thanks so much!!!