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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve was nice but really low key. We spent it with just our small little family. JD Trey and I went to White Springs and saw the lights at Stephen Foster Memorial. They were really pretty and very elegant, just how I like my Christmas lights. Trey of course fell asleep on the way over and it was not quite dark yet so we kinda meandered around and drove up to a little park (that term is used loosely as it was a boat ramp with some tables and things)but JD saw a little swing and pulled over and we sat on the swing and courted with Trey in the car asleep (dont worry it was steps away lol see it in the background so no calling HRS lol) I got this shot of us courting. As I was looking at the scenery around ues I noticed we were setting under some mistletoe. JD didnt see it or really believe me so I took this picture to prove it. It is a little hard to see that it is mistletoe but you can notice a clump of something that looks a little different than the other leaves and well you just have to trust me that I know my mistletoe!

We then went to see the lights at the memorial. Trey slept through it all and when we tried to wake him up to experience the beauty that we were able to behold he expressed his distaste for that idea, loudly. angrily. So we had mercy on us er, um I mean on him and let him sleep. So we could see the following in peace and everyone else in the park could too.

Then we drove back to Lake City and went to see the lights at Olustee Park. That was more Trey's speed because he could get out and run around with the lights. There was a nativity scene with a little baby Jesus that Trey wanted to kiss

He ran and jumped and had a really good time at Olustee Park as you can see.

After we had touched all the lights We got some pizza and headed home. We watched, "Kung Fu Panda" (which we learned not to let a karate crazed 2 1/2 yr old watch on the one night of the year you are truly trying to get him to bed at a normal hour). So we also watched, "Ice Age". We sat out some cookies and milk for santa and left some deerrein (translation: reindeer) food out on the back patio for the reindeer. We finally all got to sleep to await the big day. It was a great night.

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