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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Pre-Christmas

Pre-Christmas was a blur of activity for us that is why I havent had a chance to post much. We had the Kinard Christmas party at Momma and Daddy's. That was so much fun to get the kids together and to see everyone. The boys went shooting and killed many a fine skeet. Dont ask me why we never feast on skeet after a shoot like that.

What in
What in the world you say? Let me explain. Notice the lovely arm bands Beth is sporting? Do you notice at all how they look faintly like Trey's shirt? Yep. It was hot and Trey had on a long sleeve Christmas shirt and so I cut the sleeves off. Thats right o-f-f. Why not? He wouldnt be able to wear it next Christmas, It was just about the last party, he had another Christmas shirt Jenifer Had given him plus I could always put that one on over a long sleeve white shirt. Everyone thought I was crazy but it actually looked great as a short sleeved shirt. So I just cut the sleeves right off. Trey probably has the craziest mother. I well he was nice and cool and Beth got a lovely set of armbands for Christmas. You're welcome. Here is an after shot of the now Floridaized Christmas shirt.

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