More Spice than Sugar.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wed 10-1

Hey girls. Can I just tell you how much I enjoyed just setting, laughing and talking oh and eating with you girls last night at Personal Progress night and SavaNa's Faux birthday party? I love it best when we get to just set down and be with each other. I love being able to see your personalities shine and see how fun you are. I want you to know I will not bug you about PP ummm ok I totally lied there I WILL very much bug you about PP until I see you starting to do it without me bugging you, then and only then will I lay off. Why? because I love you. There are times coming that will require us all to have a greater knowledge of the world around us and of ourselves and our abilities and talents. PP can help you do that. Who knows what the future will hold? This will help you prepare yourself for the unknown, spiritually and temporally. Now is that so bad? LOL. So report time!!! What have you done yet? Dont you dare wait until tuesday night to try and get it all done. Do it right and you will get blessings from it. I promise. OK so lets see dont forget it is conference weekend dont forget! I want a 2 page typed double spaced report on what you liked about conference and what you learned. LOL. kidding. Eternity.

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