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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Smores N Bonfire

More on last weekend.

JD's birthday is the 17th and his Justin's is on the 19th. So we had the lasagne dinner on Fri night and then we were gonna get together with Karen and Justin on Sat. Well we wanted to do something a little different since there wasn't a game on that Saturday. Well turns out we dont even know what to do when a game isn't on. Sad. We tried to find some Corn mazes or pumpkin patch fun fall things to do but alas there was nothing. So we just did our own bonfire and made some smores and everybody knows smores with out kids are nothing so we invited Selena and Jen and Momma and Daddy stopped by for a few minutes. Trey and I did his pumpkin. It was a kid friendly pumpkin that Jen got me for him. It has all these plastic eyes and ears and mouths and noses to choose from and they have a little pick on the end and you just poke it in. Trey got to pick all the parts of the face he wanted to use. Everytime he see's it he says "das mu punkin"!

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Kare-Kare said...

It is sad we don't know what to do when there is no Gator game, but we did have fun after all. Bonfire, smores, pumpkin making what a blast!! It was a gorgeous birthday weekend.