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Friday, October 17, 2008

Want to make a difference all the way accross the world? Keep reading.

OK here is a good deed or service project for the weekend. I have a friend whose husband is in Iraq. He contacted her with some news and a request for some help. These people need so much. I will copy and paste some from her website because she and her husband can describe the problems and issues better then me. So Kelly and Tyler take it away... (My stuff is in black Kelly is blue and Tyler is in red)

Kelly, no need to wonder what I'm doing. I'll send you the photos as soon as I get a chance and you can see the good stuff happens more than the bad. Most of the good is just so ordinary that it doesn't get mentioned. Really, though, yesterday was the best day of the deployment for me. To have an entire town swarm us thanking us and wanting to chat was incredible. The older women did this really high pitched howl/whistle thing and other people banged drums and were just having a party. It was great. The best part was how I told you that they take care of their own town. No cops or army, just beefed up neighborhood watch. I have no issues fighting to help those people. They know what freedom is and anyone who tries taking it from them is an enemy of mine. I wish I could better explain how it was to be with those people. I got watery eyes walking the street trying to comprehend the huge difference in the people there and the people in Mosul. I miss you,Ty
These next pictures are of Tyler in his Unit in Mosul.
ok didn't the part I put in bold just give you the chills? I love our soldiers. These are the happy pics of the Christian people in Mosul.

Ok that was a letter and pictures from him a little while back this is recent.
This is where it gets sad.
As some know, by talking to me or just by watching the news, the Christians in Mosul are in trouble.. On the speakers that surround the Mosques, instead of the regular prayers being recited every 5 hours, now there are warnings to any and all Christians the leave the city or be killed.Tyler went back to the Christian city Bartolla, that neighbors Mosul. The same city he visited a couple of months ago when he was overwhelmed with the feelings of hope, love and gratitude they had for the US soldiers.The city has changed. Drastically. Most Christians from Mosul have now gone there to get away from the persecution and murderers in Mosul. There are multiple families per home, and they're running out of food, clothing, and medical supplies.Read Tyler's email below:
Hey Kell, We got back kind of early today, so I hope to get to bed at a decent time to get more than 4 hours of sleep. I can't wait to get this stuff over with. I got Sgt. Pittman to replace me on Saturday so I can have all night to get courses done instead of 3-4 hours. Good stuff hopefully. Hey remember how I told you about the christian refugees here? There are getting more and more and they are running out of stuff. Can you talk to the ward on Sunday and see if they can send over some clothes for the kids and regular stuff that these people could use? They have nothing and it sucks. The families that are taking care of them right now are broke themselves, so yeah it's bad. Also, run it by your dad and see what he thinks. If the packages are sent to me, then we can get the stuff out there that same day or the day after it arrives.Just see what they say.I love you. I better get going.I love ya,Ty
OK I'm just gonna cut and past the whole newest post here now. I dont want to forget anything.
I got the "ALL-CLEAR" from Tyler!!!
Hey everyone, I talked to Tyler last night and this morning about what we're all doing for Bartolla, he is so excited!! He thinks it's incredible that we have so many people willing to help these families and it just means so much to him.He did give me some important information, it sounds like they have set aside an entire connex container for these packages! And I have a slightly different address for everyone to send the packages... If you have already sent packages, that's fine- but any more that you send needs to be addressed to the following:
SPC Tyler E. Adams
C/O Chaplain CPT Pratel
HHC, 1-8 IN BN
UNIT # 43179
APO AE 09334
Please, if you have posted this information on your blog, or emailed people with the address to send, please please update that information so everyone has the correct mailing address now. Tyler also said that they need to put a deadline on this thing so it doesn't continue after they come home in a few months, in fear that no one will be able to organize it like they will.Please send your packages no later than Saturday, October 25th. With this date, they will have all the boxes by the middle of November and be able to take them to Bartolla and start organizing distribution. Tyler also promised me that he will take pictures so I can post them here and on Babycenter for you all to see what good you're doing.I asked Tyler what Sgt Briggs and Chaplain CPT Pratel did when he told them what they were in for, he laughed and said that their faces looked shocked but that soon was replaced with gratitude and excitement.Thank you all very much for your support and enthusiasm. This is such an amazing experience, and an incredible way to end Tyler's deployment!
Update to add: Thanks Shaney, for this great information!!!If you go and do click and print you can save .45 cents per package. Sign in and add the address to the address book. You choose united states to ship and enter the address just like any other US address. I am doing a drive here and sending flyers out asking for donations and also money that will be used for supplies and shipping:) Good luck to all and God bless! Happy Shipping.
OK guys they need everything and the weight of the box doesn't matter. Clothes, food (nonperishable), hygiene items, things for kids anything. I am going to get some boxes together. If you do not want to send stuff but would like to help you can donate some money to me and I use it for buying the boxes and shipping and I will be able to send more boxes of stuff with the money. If you do send packages or get some really cool service projects going at your church or school or work send me pics so I can send them to Kelly. We have a chance to make a difference here all the way accross the world! These people are deserving and needy. No matter how ou feel about the war or about politics this isn't about war or politics it's about humans and Christians and love for all life and others. Let me know what you guys are doing so I can let Kelly know. Thanks guys. I know I can count on you all.
Here is a link to her blog if you want to see her and her family. There are lots of cool pics of Iraq and her DS a a cutie too. Kelly Adams

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