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Monday, October 13, 2008

I am terrified of the dentist

and yet I had to go today. UGH. I am like a child no worse than a child about dentists. I will be medicated next time I go meaning I will need a ride any takers? It is a completely nonsensical fear but a phobia of mine. I would rather have surgery then go to the dentist. Why cant a dentist understand that I am hard to numb? The dentist was great but I can not get numbed. They give me lots of the juice and say ok that should be more then needed and they get started. All to have me almost come out of the chair. So they have to go back and giv eme more juice repeat about 3-4 times. So I had 1 extraction and a fill and I am in pain. Real pain. I am still bleeding. Anyone know how long I should bleed? Anyway whatever I dont care. My wonderful husband is bringing home some wonton soup from, yeo you guessed it Fu King and getting Trey some Micky D's and himself something so I dont have to cook. Then hopefully I will feel like decorating a pumpkin. We are doing a child friendly pumpkin set that Jen gave us. There is no cutting involved it is just a set of different eyes and mouths and ears and noses that Trey can pick and they have a little pick on the back and you just stab them in the pumpkin to make a face. So hopefully we can do that tonight. I will get pics if we do to share if I Dont feel like it, well, send flowers and food I'll be dead.


Kare-Kare said...

Love you!!

Beth R said...

I am so sorry for the trama you go through each time:(. I hope today was a better day for you. If you ever need a ride-holler:)!