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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thank you Beth (which means thank you Jenifer)

Saturday Beth took me out for a girls day out. It was some over due birthday presents actually. First she took me to get a pedi and mani. That was so much fun. Our nail techs were lots of fun and we got to just meander down memory lane and talk. That was fun. I got cute piggies from it. Then we went to Pomodoro's. YuMMMMMMmmm. It was very good. Italian food rocks my world. Then we went to Ocala to the community theatre to see "Hello Dolly". I was very impressed! The costuming and set was very good. It was a wonderful play. Before we got to the theatre we stopped for ice cream and I had a blueberry crumble Ohhh it was delicioso! It was the cutest little shop. It had no inside seating all outside with little benches and had a wooden patio and every so often a bubble machine on the room would produce a billion bubbles for all the kiddies to scream over. I loves it but it made me miss my Trey. He would have loved it. Jenifer kept Trey for me so I could go. JD had to work. Of course Trey going to Jen's is like vacation for him. He loves it. She got some of the most adorable pictures. I will have to post them. He has soooo much fun there with the kitties and dogs and fishies and Selena and the pool. Heaven for him. He is always so worn out afer a day with her I love it too. Thanks to everyone who made that whle day possible. I needed that. I need to do that more often. Love you all.


~ Jen said...

We always enjoy having Trey & he is so good here,Trey being here gives Selena somebody to play with also. We will have him anytime you want us to.

Kate said...

Good then you can have him every night from 9:30pm - 6:00am. Hey you better get specific.

~ Jen said...

Bring him on, I would give it a try!!
~ Jen