More Spice than Sugar.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This stupid little girl wont go away. LOL!

Hurricane Faye is still out there causing drama. Her path has switched and she is still slated to come down our driveway just from a different direction this time. We shall see. I dont buy it. I dont think it will be bad I dont think it will strengthen much and I dont think it will come back across FL so far. This from Meterologist Kate. LOL. Yea we are ready for her just in case.


Anonymous said...

Keep up that positive attitude! I just want rain no wind. I am not ready to replace my roof yet (I am only missing one or two shingles lol) Prissy

~Jen said...

Meterologist Kate ~ Of course just like a female ~ got a lot of distance to cover,thinks she`s slowing down & getting weaker goes out to the ocean for a quick reboost to complete her track. The path may have changed but she`s made so many people scurry around gathering supplies.
Bring on the rain!!


Ka-Ka said...

I agree, I don't think it will be any stronger than any other thunderstorm that blows thru all the time.

sven & leisl + 3 more said...

GL with Fay! Keep thinking positive!

(lasantine from bbc)