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Monday, August 4, 2008

School Supply Drive

Hey guys I wanted to do a little shameless plug here for a drive I am spearheading at the office. We are sponsoring "Pack the Backpack", a school supply drive. You can donate basic school supplies here at the office and we will furnish the backpacks to hopefully get packed full of supplies for students in this County. If you are local and in town before August 31st one day drop off a pack of paperor a pack of pencils or some folders. They cost cents but a lot of people can't or won't afford them. While I love to help those who cant help themselves, but normally I wouldn't advocate providing things for people who won't do for themselves the children dont have a say in how the parents spend the money and they are the ones who end up suffering and yes I have seen plenty of kinds who will tell you quickly, "My Mom will not buy me that" and it is true. So tell your local friends if you are not local and if you are local drop some stuff off here at the office. I will be on the radio on Tuesday to do a live promotional spot for the drive. THe station is 96.5 The Jet. It will be at about 8:10 Tuesday Morning. Listen in if you can. You can ask me for directions in the comments section or email me but I would rather not give directions and an address to where I will be over the World wide web know what I mean? So please contact me if you want to donate and I will get you here. Thanks guys I knew I had to tell you guys because I know my family and friends are generous and giving people. Love you all.

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Ka-Ka said...

Sounds great, I love it. I'll bring some to ya this weekend when I come home.