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Monday, August 11, 2008

JD took me on a cruise for our anniversary.

It was awesome. It was a private cruise. We had the whle boat to ourselves, thank goodness because it would have been weird having strangers on the boat since it was our boat and we were fishing in the Sante Fe and Suwannee. Yep we went cruisin on our boat up and down the river fishing and swimming and just riding and we stopped at a little waterfall / spring and ate lunch. We had such a good relaxing time just the two of us. Thank you Jenifer and Selena for keeping Trey so we could have that day! Trey had fun with Jen and his 'Lena Sat too. They swam and tried to catch butterflies (I dont think he caught many) and watched the huge coy fish in their ponds and played with the titties (translation:Kitties got ya hu? he played with the kitties she has like 5 I think) He had a blast! So we have now been married for 6 years! YAY! Can you believe 6 years? Well to the man of my dreams and the man I married and the man I want to spend Eternity with and the fatherof my child : Thank you for the 6 wonderful years (Well it has actually been 7 since we met 1 year before we were married and that year was wonderful too but we'll go with 6 just to keep it from being confusing) and I look forward to so many more years of being together and enjoying life and surviving Trey together and living our adventure together. Thank you forloving me and being wonderful!


Ka-Ka said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! I'm glad you guys got a day alone, every couple needs time alone. I'm so happy for you both, you have both gone so far and done so much but have always focused on the important things in life, family, friends, & love. I love you guys and am so happy you two found each other and have created such a wonderful child, Trey truly is happiness.

Ka-Ka said...

So leave it to the blond girl, I thought you actually took a private cruise on the river, Justin just told me you went on your boat, I'm sooooooo blond. Sometimes I shock myself on how blond I can be.

Jen said...

I`m glad you 2 enjoyed your cruise-we had so much fun with Trey & he was so good!The waterfall sounds so cool.I hope you 2(3) have many more happy times & years together.


Bethany said...

Happy Anniversary!!

~*~toni~*~ said...

Sounds wonderful!!!! I sure do miss the rivers, trees,beaches, FL and all of you there!!