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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We've turned into sick bay here.

Well lets see. Trey is doing better. He still has explosive diareah but no more throwing up. I got it too last night. I was throwing up and had diareah starting at about 1 am. I had to take JD to the ER at about 5 because he has some abdominal pain that he has had for about a week now but got severly worse last night. He could not lay in the bed or sit up. It got to the point he could not stand up straight he was in so much pain. They were thinking gall bladder or pancreatitis but Basically they found nothing. They did xrays and blood work, everything came back normal. HE had been to the Dr, Monday morning and to a gastroenterologist. They already had a colonoscopy scheduled for Thursday so the ER Dr. told him to keep the appt (Duh) and gave him a note for a few days off work (which he wont use he's going back tomorrow) and a RX for Lortab. The Lortab helps the pain and thankfully doesn't knock him out. The Gastro Dr. thinks maybe he has ulserative colitis. We just want to find out the problem. So until we know what we are dealing with we are a little stressed and worried. Needless to say today was a miserable day for all. Daddy came down and kept Trey for us at 5 am today so we could get to the ER. I had to get up after just throwing up and try to drive him to the ER. The chair in the room at the ER is sheer misery. It was a small hard chair with arms close to the sides. I could barely hold my head up and kept going to the bathroom to either gag and puke or have diareah. The triage nurse told me it looked like I needed to be there too. I wasn;t sure she wasn't right. I wanted them to concentrate on him so I just laughed and told her that our son had a stomach virus and I hadn;t slept much the past few nights and I had caught a touch of it but was feeling better. YES, I lied. He kept telling me to go home but at that point I didn't want to and didn't think I could if I had wanted to. Once they gave him the Lortab I went to the car and rolled the windows down put the seat back and slept. I really needed that. It was just enough to be able to get us both home safe. He feels fine as long as he isn't having that severe stomach pain. So thankfully the Lortab works. Please keep us in your prayers Thursday and until we find out what is going on in his tummy. I will of course update here as asoon as I know something so check back. I am now going to sleep, good night all I hope and pray me and JD can get some sleep tonight, we have not slept a wink in the last 2 nights.


Ka-Ka said...

I'm sorry guys, I wish I was there to help. Sorry JD has to go thru a colonoscopy, its rough, but it is the best way to find out what is going on. I will pray for you all to feel better and get some sleep, if you need Jus he is there and ready to help. Justin said he offered to move a TV into the bathroom for JD and a foot rest! Ha Ha. If you need any advice or have questions let me know, we have done quite a bit of gastroenterology in class. Love you guys!!

rubyjade said...

Oh man. That sounds completely miserable. I hope he feels better very soon, and you get the sleep you need!Stomach problems are the absolute WORST.

Living My Dream said...

Awwwww... get better. Nate is sick here too and it's exhausting! Check your email when you get feeling better!