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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good news OR Bad news? Is there such a thing as medium news? Hmmmm.

Well I am not sure which one it is, Good or bad. JD had his follow up visit with the Dr that did the colonoscopy today. He does not have colitis. Good. But they dont know what he has. Bad. He is going to have a sonogram on his gallbladder and they took more blood and stool samples. It may be Irritable Bowel Syndrome or a bacterial problem in his colon or some antibiotics he was on could have killed the good biotics in his colon or a gall bladder issue or they may never know. Yep thats what they told him and that is ok with me as long as it doesn;t happen again. He ca eat regular unless it hurts. So basically he has to ginnie pig himself. Try a small amount of food he thought he wouldn't be able to eat and if it doesn't hurt good keep eating it. Great. I got him some dietary supplements that Dr. Morse sells and recomendd for him to try. He took those last night and this morning he said his stomach felt better than it has in 2 weeks. Dr. Morse said it could definately help that fast. Maybe so. It is Standard Process Nutritionals. They are all natural whole foods with the needed part basically ground up and put in pill form. They are really amazing. For example the "slime" in okra serves a purpose in our digestive tract and so they take the pectin out of the okra and dehydrate it and I am sure put it through other processes and put it in pill form. You get the benefits of it but more so because it is concentrated. That is just one but I have seen a difference in people who are taking them here in the office so as soon as we could we got him started on what Dr. Morse recomended. Maybe those will help. If not who knows where we go from there. So I have nothing to tell you all really. It is good news that everything it could be is fairily easily fixable but it just drags ya down thinking we were gonna find out the issue and start on a game plan. Now we have to just keep plugging along. So we will. I will keep you all updated as I know anything.

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