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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My job at a chiropractor!

I am now working at Morse Chiropractic. I love it. I am the receptionist. Did I say I absolutely love it? I love working for people with ethics and a Dr. who is honest that I can feel good about referring people to that I love. Everyone is so fun to be around and we all get along really well. We all have the same sense of humor. Dr. Morse is the owner and Dr. (ummm duh) and his wife Liz does insurance and billing (proving she is a saint with the patience of Job). We have decided that we are kindred spirits because we are so much alike. Kim is the Office Manager and also a Massage Therapist extordinare! Daniel (effectionately known as Edgar) is her son and does what ever else needs to be done including therapy. Loren a mossage therapist and is growing a little human. Mason. She is pregnant and being a good sport. (Can't wait to meet you Mason!*waving wildly at Mason*) We have a beautiful building with 4 other rooms in it we are looking to rent out to make it a wellness center instead of a chiropractor's office only. Dont you love that idea? So you met the family, well family away from family. Did I mention I love where I work and the people I work for ) OK so now do I get the twenty bucks you promised me for saying all that mushy stuff, Kim? HOLLA! I think I am telepathetic!?

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Lyns said...

HOORAY!!! I'm so excited for your new jobby job!!! And I'm so glad you posted a link--my computer ate my favorites and I couldn't find you and I was sad!