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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Mom's.

Well I am happy to report that my Mom is doing better. Finally! It looks like the wound vac might be able to come off soon. (I actually hate to say that because I dont want to jinx it) The wound seems to be closing up quickly. It has been a long hard road for everyone, especially her, but it looks like she is on the road to healing. YAY! She went from having the wound vac on until the end of August to probably getting it off in 2 weeks to probably not having to wear it for even 2 more weeks, all in about 3 days. She is now one healing machine!

On the opposite of the coin. JD's mom is not doing so well unfortunately. She went to see Lynn this week and they believe either had a stroke or a blood clot maybe? but she is home. She is still not feeling well as youmay imagine. Please keep her in your prayers. JD and I both hate it that they are so far away at this time. There is nothing we can do to help. "HI mom*waving wildly* hope you feel better real soon." Keep us updated and I will update here too. Love you both.


Ka-Ka said...

I am so happy your mom kate is doing better, I've kept her in my thoughts a lot. I'm sorry to hear about JD's mom, we know how hard it is to have a mom so far away. Love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Daughter in love, Kate
Thanks for the encouraging note of get well. I am feeling better, but will see the dr on Monday. I let you all know what's going on. Thank everyone for your prayers.
I love you,
Nana Tyre